5 Best SaaS Explainer Video Tools

Are you excited to check the best SaaS explainer video tools in the market for preparing your product video teaser? Explainer videos are trending on this digital space as it helps to convey it vividly rather than a boring text. 2D animated videos or whiteboard videos capture your web audience and strategically convert them into your paying customers. You should try using SaaS explainer video tools to create product video and marketing video content to reach more audiences.


Toonly is one of the popular explainer video editing tools available globally. Anyone can create their first marketing video quickly with the readymade template available with them. The character animations are and the premade scenes can help creators craft their perfect product videos without any hassle. Background audios and the text animations add a great touch to the explainer videos without any doubt. It is kid-friendly and doesn’t require any standalone software to edit the animated explainers.


InVideo is famous for its 4500+ premade handcrafted templates to create explainer 2d animation videos without hiring an editor. It is easy to use and has the perfect tools to enhance your explainer video for sure. It provides access to millions of stock assets to edit the video content and export them in high quality without paying an extra dime. This video explainer editing suite has a social media calendar to post them in time. All design assets and video files are stored in cloud storage with maximum security guaranteed.


Wideo is one of the early industry leaders in the explainer video production space which offers entrepreneurs craft their business video effortlessly. It has high-quality templates and free music tracks to edit an explainer video without compromising its quality. HD Facebook and YouTube uploads can be done directly once the video rendering process gets completed. It has monetization rights where the video exported is fully owned by the creators and they can make money out of it without restrictions.


Moovly holds a special place when it comes to listing the best explainer video editing tools. It has high-quality readymade templates and allows creators to access millions of free stock assets for their next video editing process. It has a powerful text-to-speech feature and makes it easy for business people to craft their marketing videos quickly. Automated audio to subtitles reduces a huge hour of documenting the script syncing with the subtitles.


Biteable is a world-class video explainer editing software used by top companies around the globe. It has a modernized UI and enhanced editing toolkit to edit explainer videos without spending tons of hours. They have studio-quality animations and access to millions of Unsplash image stock assets. Their royalty-free music can be used without any restrictions and is capable of monetizing the content perfectly when opting for higher premium plans.

You have reached the bottom of the 5 Best SaaS Explainer Video Tools blog post. If you’ve got any interesting SaaS products that we missed here, just comment below.

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