5 Best SaaS Test Management Software

Are you still looking for the test management software to track and keep the progress of your product with the proper development logs? Software testing the key role of a product organization as it tells us the truth of how our software might be interpreted. Development team and the software testing crew should take care of the product workflow and the user experience before releasing them online. Get the best SaaS test management software for your software testing team and improve your product instantly.


BugZilla is an open-source tool that helps developers to find and fix bugs. It is a cloud-based web application that supports various programming languages like JavaScript, Python, PHP, Ruby on Rails and many more.

BugZilla enables developers to work collaboratively with their colleagues in order to fix bugs in the code. The system has a powerful search engine which can be used to search for bugs based on various parameters like severity, type of error or author of the bug report.

BugZilla is an invaluable tool for software development teams as it helps them increase their productivity by identifying and fixing errors in the code quickly.


Qase is a test management software that is used by many organizations to manage their testing process. It helps in managing the complete testing lifecycle, starting from planning and scheduling of the test cases to monitoring of the defects found during testing.

The software can be accessed through a web browser and provides detailed reports on all aspects of the testing process. It has an intuitive interface and is user-friendly, which makes it suitable for both experienced testers as well as beginners.


TestRail is a test management software for teams of all sizes and industries. It can be used to manage your testing process, from planning to execution, including the analysis and reporting of test results.

TestRail helps with managing the entire testing process, from planning to execution. It also offers many features that allow you to analyze and report on your test results.

TestRail is an agile-based testing tool that supports most types of testing methods, including manual testing, exploratory testing, and automated software tests.

The TestRail platform makes it easy for testers to document their work in a collaborative environment with others on the team or organization.


PractiTest is a SaaS test management software that helps you to manage your testing process.

PractiTest is a web-based software that allows testers to collaborate and share information with each other. It also helps in managing the test process by providing features like bug tracking, reporting, and collaboration.

PractiTest has a feature-rich dashboard which provides all the information related to the testing process in one place. It also has other features like bug tracking, reporting, and collaboration tools for testers.


TestLink is an open-source test management software. It was originally developed by the University of Queensland and is now maintained by the Australian National University.

TestLink provides a web-based interface for managing test cases, test suites, and other test-related information. The TestLink API enables users to access data from within their own applications.

The TestLink API is RESTful and uses HTTP requests to communicate with the server.

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