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Excited to read this CrankWheel review blog post? Get to know the CrankWheel screen sharing application more in detail through this article.

What is CrankWheel?

CrankWheel is an on-site demonstration tool that helps the user screen share their content to the client end in a perfect manner. CrankWheel extensions also allows Chromebook users easily share their screen on the go.

CrankWheel Review

CrankWheel is a versatile screen sharing tool that simplifies on-site demonstrations and remote collaborations. With the CrankWheel extension, businesses can effortlessly share their screens and conduct effective presentations or meetings. 

It’s a reliable solution, especially for businesses that rely on visual communication and require seamless screen sharing across different devices, including Chromebooks.

CrankWheel Price?

Starter Team – $89 /month

Team – $229 /month

Department – $499 /month

CrankWheel Features – Upgraded

  • Screen Sharing: Share your screen with others in real-time, allowing for effective collaboration, presentations, and demonstrations.
  • Instant Meeting Access: Enable participants to join screen sharing sessions instantly, without the need for installations or downloads.
  • Co-browsing: Allow participants to navigate and interact with web pages during screen sharing sessions, enhancing engagement and interactivity.
  • Lead Generation Tools: Capture and collect leads during screen sharing sessions through customizable forms and surveys.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Access detailed analytics and reports on screen sharing sessions, participant engagement, and lead conversion metrics.

CrankWheel Tutorials

  1. Create a CrankWheel account on their website.
  2. Install the CrankWheel browser extension or desktop application.
  3. Start a CrankWheel session when you want to share your screen.
  4. Share the session link with participants.
  5. Participants can join the session and view your screen in real-time.
  6. Collaborate and present effectively using CrankWheel’s screen sharing capabilities.

CrankWheel Integrations

  • Salesforce
  • HubSpot
  • Zendesk
  • Intercom
  • Pipedrive
  • Freshdesk
  • Slack
  • Google Analytics
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zapier

Does CrankWheel offer a free trial?

CrankWheel offers a free trial period to new users. The exact duration of the trial may vary, so it is recommended to visit their website or contact their sales team to get the most up-to-date information.

CrankWheel FAQs

What is CrankWheel?

CrankWheel is a screen sharing and remote collaboration tool designed to facilitate sales and support interactions. It allows you to share your screen with customers or colleagues in real-time for presentations, demonstrations, and troubleshooting.

How does CrankWheel ensure security during screen sharing sessions?

CrankWheel prioritizes security during screen sharing sessions by using end-to-end encryption. This means that the content shared during sessions remains secure and protected from unauthorized access.

Can I integrate CrankWheel with other tools or platforms?

Yes, CrankWheel offers integrations with popular tools such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and Google Analytics. This enables you to streamline your workflow and seamlessly incorporate CrankWheel into your existing processes.

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