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Modernize your visitor management process with SwipedOn. Explore this concise overview of SwipedOn’s visitor management software that enhances security, streamlines check-ins, and improves the visitor experience. Create a positive first impression and ensure a smooth visitor journey.

What is SwipedOn?

SwipedOn is a modern visitor management app that revolutionizes the way businesses handle visitor registration and management. With features like a visitor sign-in app and employee sign-in software, SwipedOn provides a seamless and secure solution for managing visitors in various environments. 

Whether you’re a corporate office, a school, or a facility with high visitor traffic, SwipedOn offers customizable sign-in workflows, digital NDA signing, and instant visitor notifications. Upgrade your visitor management system with SwipedOn’s user-friendly app and create a positive first impression for your guests.

SwipedOn Review

SwipedOn is a modern visitor management app that digitizes the sign-in process, making it efficient and secure for businesses. With its visitor sign-in app and employee sign-in software, SwipedOn simplifies the process of managing visitors, enhancing security, and streamlining administrative tasks. 

Whether you’re running an office, school, or any other facility, SwipedOn offers a digital visitor management system that improves efficiency, enhances the visitor experience, and keeps everyone safe.

SwipedOn Price?

Lite : $ 19 USD per mo

Standard : $ 55 USD per mo

Premium : $ 109 USD per mo

Enterprise : $ 169 USD per mo

SwipedOn Features – Upgraded

  • Visitor Management: Streamline visitor check-in and registration processes, allowing visitors to sign in digitally, print badges, and notify hosts, enhancing security and efficiency.
  • Employee Management: Manage employee attendance, track staff sign-in/out, and maintain an accurate record of employee presence in the workplace.
  • Health and Safety Compliance: Implement health and safety protocols by capturing visitor and employee details, performing health questionnaires, and facilitating contact tracing if needed.
  • Customizable Branding and Notifications: Customize the visitor sign-in experience to align with your brand and configure automated notifications to inform hosts of visitor arrivals.
  • Data Security and GDPR Compliance: Ensure data security and compliance with privacy regulations by storing visitor data securely, providing data access controls, and enabling data deletion when required.

SwipedOn Tutorials

  1. Sign up for SwipedOn on their website.
  2. Set up your SwipedOn account and customize your visitor management settings.
  3. Configure the iPad or tablet for visitor sign-ins.
  4. Customize the check-in process and add any necessary fields.
  5. Launch SwipedOn on the iPad or tablet and allow visitors to sign in.
  6. Receive instant notifications for visitor arrivals.
  7. Generate visitor reports and analyze visitor data.
  8. Enhance your visitor management and security with SwipedOn.

SwipedOn Integrations

  • Office 365
  • G Suite
  • Slack
  • Active Directory
  • Okta
  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Zapier
  • Microsoft Teams
  • VisitorTrack

Does SwipedOn offer a free trial?

SwipedOn offers a 14-day free trial to new users. This trial period allows users to experience their visitor management software, including features such as visitor registration, badge printing, and visitor analytics.

SwipedOn FAQs

What is SwipedOn?

SwipedOn is a SaaS platform that provides visitor management solutions for businesses. It replaces traditional paper-based visitor logs with a digital check-in system, allowing you to streamline visitor registration, improve security, and enhance the visitor experience.

Can SwipedOn integrate with access control systems?

Yes, SwipedOn offers integrations with various access control systems, allowing you to manage visitor access and issue visitor badges with ease.

Does SwipedOn provide a pre-registration feature for visitors?

Yes, SwipedOn offers a pre-registration feature that allows hosts to invite visitors in advance. Visitors receive a notification with a unique QR code, which expedites the check-in process upon arrival.

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