5 Best SaaS Backup and Recovery Tools

Excited to search for the best SaaS backup and recovery tool to securely save all your sensitive data with encryption enabled? Hackers may destroy your website data or application records if you leave any backdoor vulnerabilities. It is suggested to keep all your confidential data on a secured cloud platform and integrate timely backup and restore functionality to survive in this tricky world. Choose any best SaaS backup and recovery tools to secure your data forever.


OwnBackup is a SaaS Backup and Recovery Tool that provides users with an easy way to backup their data.

It is a cloud-based backup solution that allows users to store their files in the cloud and recover them from any device. The user only needs to sign up for an account and then they can start backing up their data. The service offers users unlimited storage space, so they can back up as much data as they need.

OwnBackup also provides features like file versioning, which helps the user recover previous versions of a file if needed. It also has strong security features that protect the user’s data from unauthorized access.

Spanning Backup

Spanning Backup is a cloud-based backup and recovery tool. It offers a suite of features that are designed to simplify the backup process for IT professionals and ensure that their data is safe.

Spanning Backup has an intelligent, agentless approach to data protection. It uses cloud storage to back up files from any device, including physical servers and virtual machines.

The product also features an enterprise-grade deduplication engine that reduces bandwidth usage by up to 98%. This helps businesses avoid costly bandwidth overages.

Rewind Backups

Rewind.com is a SaaS backup and recovery tool that provides you with an easy way to protect your data. It works as a service where you can backup, restore, and recover all kinds of data. The best thing about this tool is that it is easy to use and it offers high performance at an affordable price.

Rewind.com offers a wide range of features including:

Cloud storage: Rewind provides unlimited cloud storage space for all the backups created by their users – Backup multiple devices: You can backup multiple devices such as laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets and servers with Rewind – Unlimited revisions: Rewind offers unlimited revisions for every file you have backed up on their platform.

Skyvia Backup

Skyvia is the best solution for your SaaS backup and recovery needs. It is a reliable, secure and scalable backup solution that can be used with any cloud provider.

Skyvia Backup provides you with complete control over your data. You can choose what to backup, how often to back up, where to back up and when to restore your data. With its robust security features, Skyvia ensures that your data is safe from unauthorized access or accidental deletion.


Clumio is a SaaS Backup and Recovery Tool. It has been designed to help companies with data protection and disaster recovery.

Clumio provides the following features:

-Cloud-based backup and recovery services

-A single dashboard to manage all your backups, restores, snapshots, replication and DR plans

-A built-in WAN accelerator that speeds up backups over slow connections

-Encrypted data storage in the cloud or on site

-Local or remote replication of backups for disaster recovery.

You have reached the bottom of the 5 Best SaaS Backup and Recovery Tools blog post. If you’ve got any interesting SaaS product that we missed here, just comment below.

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