5 Best SaaS Backup Tools

Searching for the best SaaS backup tool for your existing projects to comply with cyber insurance? Building your SaaS product or a blog might sound easy but securing the data from the hackers is a major concern. Pick the right SaaS powered backup tools to store and restore your sensitive data anytime. Don’t let your project or website down for any chance.

AWS Backup

Cloud storage is the future of data storage. It offers a lot of benefits over traditional hard drives. But what if you want to transfer your data from one cloud storage provider to another?

AWS Backup is a SaaS backup tool that helps you move your files and folders from AWS to other providers. You can also use it as an off-site backup solution for your business. AWS Backup is a reliable and secure service that gives you peace of mind in case there are any hardware failures or natural disasters in the area.

Veeam Backup

Veeam Backup is the best SaaS backup tool that enables you to back up your data to the cloud.

Veeam Backup is a software that enables you to back up your data to the cloud. It also has a number of other features like:

– Data loss prevention (DLP)

– Support for physical and virtual infrastructure

– Instant File-level Recovery

– Integrated WAN Acceleration

– Secure offsite backups with Veeam Cloud Connect and more.

Druva Cloud Platform

Druva is a cloud backup and data protection service provider. It offers a suite of data protection and storage solutions that enable enterprises to meet their recovery time, recovery point, and recovery level objectives.

Druva’s cloud-based backup platform offers the following features:

– Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model

– Backup and disaster recovery (DR) for physical, virtual, and cloud environments

– Centralized management console

– Granular permissions

– Continuous data protection (CDP) with real time replication

– Cloud archiving for long term retention and more.

Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Backup Recovery

Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Backup Recovery is a SaaS backup tool which helps in the backup and recovery of data. It has a few use cases that are listed below.

Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Backup Recovery is a cloud-based disaster recovery solution that can be used by enterprises to protect data from natural disasters, cyberattacks, and other threats.

The tool provides an end-to-end backup service for enterprises that want to move to the cloud or migrate from one cloud environment to another.

It also offers features such as point-in-time restore, encryption, and multi-cloud support.


OwnBackup.com is a SaaS backup tool that provides enterprise-grade data protection for organizations of any size.

OwnBackup.com offers unlimited storage, encryption and backup of all files, including system backups and virtual machine backups. It also has a free version that can be used by individuals to back up their personal files.

OwnBackup is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and supports all major cloud storage providers like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Storage and Microsoft Azure.

You have reached the bottom of the 5 Best SaaS Backup Tools blog post. If you’ve got any interesting SaaS product that we missed here, just comment below.

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