5 Best SaaS Event Management Software

Get to know the best SaaS event management software to track all your event related tasks and progress on the go. Managing events and the related meetup RSVP are the toughest deal for an entrepreneur’s busy life. To get rid of the hassle, there are several SaaS event management applications available in the market. Pick the right tool to automate all your event managing tasks seamlessly today.


Cvent is a global leader in event management software. The company has been around for more than 20 years and it has helped over 2 million events. Cvent’s event management software offers features that are tailored to the needs of different industries, such as: catering, registration, mobile apps, and more.

Cvent also provides services like surveys to help event organizers find out what their attendees want.


Aventri is a SaaS event management software that helps event managers and organizers to get rid of the tedious tasks and focus on what they are best at.

Aventri is an event management software that helps organizers to manage their events in a more efficient way. It simplifies the process of organizing events by automating many tasks. It also helps organizers to find venues, vendors, sponsors, and exhibitors with ease.

The company has been around for 10 years now and it has over 5000 clients worldwide who use its services for their events.


HoneyBook is a cloud-based event management software for small and medium-sized businesses.

It allows users to create event profiles, manage bookings, and create custom invoices.

HoneyBook’s platform is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. It features an in-depth calendar that helps with the organization of events, as well as a powerful search engine that makes it easy to find the right attendees for any occasion.

HoneyBook also offers a variety of integrations with other popular platforms including MailChimp, Google Calendar, PayPal, Square and more.


TicketCo is a SaaS event management software that helps organizers manage their event from start to finish.

TicketCo has been designed to be flexible and scalable, with the ability to handle any type of event from small-scale workshops to large-scale conferences. It comes with a wide range of features including an intuitive dashboard, registration system, social media integration, and more.

TicketCo is a great way for organizers to save time and money by managing their events in one place.


Hubb is the best SaaS event management software for professional organizers, event planners and meeting planners.
Hubb offers a number of features that make it the best SaaS event management software. Some of these features include:
– The ability to create events and manage all aspects of them in one place
– A dashboard that gives you an overview of your events and everything you need to know about them
– Visual data analytics that help you see how your events are performing
– An integrated calendar with Google Calendar and Outlook integration and more.

You have reached the bottom of the 5 Best SaaS Event Management Software blog post. If you’ve got any interesting SaaS product that we missed here, just comment below.

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